Monday, June 15, 2009

Complex Music

I have had a strange hiatus from this blog...more to do with unusual off shore distractions rather than any other circumstances! But it was good to get back on the scene at the Georgetown Games on the weekend where I had the opportunity to judge the Grade 1 medley contest. I was reminded immediately of my last post here, months ago... shortly after the Obama inauguration... Simple Music from Complex Musicians... yes, I thought, that is a great theme.... and it applies today as well as then. Band medley composition is clever today - themes are integrated - melodic lines are for the entertainment of the audience - rhythms are established that get the feet tapping - tones and harmonic blends are designed to cleverly overlay a pleasing touch to your auditory senses - midsections enhance your visual! All this was present in varying degrees from the four Grade 1 bands that competed. The responsiblity of the adjudicator is vastly different than that of the audience. For one, the audience is allowed the freedom of expression and can show emotion through a performance whereas the adjudicator must harbour those feelings inside, preferring a stone cold outward appearance. But keep one thing in mind, a band performance also stirs our inner feelings as well and we score accordingly. Such was the case this past Saturday. I was reminded of the downfall of competition - one winner only. Needless to say, we were all winners having heard the best performances of the day. Thanks - SL,78th Frasers, Toronto Police, Peel Police and the 78th Highlanders, The Citadel. And thanks also to the other grades that I heard - Grades 2 and 4 with Hamilton Police prevailing in both... an excellent start to the outdoor games season.

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