Thursday, January 5, 2012

... When Longevity Means .... YOU!

Clyde - the mascot of Triumph Street
I received an email this past week from my very good friend Allan Skalazub from Vancouver:

Greetings, Ken,
Hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season.
I was wondering if you might put a wee mention in your blog
about the 40th anniversary of the Triumph Street Pipe Band.
We made our debut at the BC Pipers Indoor Meet at Easter of 1972.

We are having a get together to commemorate the anniversary on March 17, 2012 in Burnaby, BC.  All friends, supporters and ex-members are welcome and can receive more information by contacting me at

Clan MacFarlane 50th Anniversary - 2007
This really got me thinking!  First of all, I would encourage all those former players and friends from way back in the 70's to plan on attending. The first reunion a few years ago was a huge success. Longevity in pipe bands is a fleeting thing. The fact that most of the former players are still active in the scene says volumes in itself...

I was reminded of the 50th anniversary of my own band, The Clan MacFarlane. We counted the TSPB as our closest friends - not competitors - together, we could entertain, party and play with the best. Heaven knows, the motels in Santa Rosa must still be buzzin'.

Now to my point - bands come and go, but people do not. It is a blessing to reach that stage in life when you can truthfully say "I remember when" or "I was there".

Triumph Street was part of the fabric of the Canadian and World pipe band scene in the 70's. Congratulations to all the former members of that crew headed by Hal Senyk and Willie McErlean ... and in case you don't believe I was there, I remember when I was gifted a T- shirt by Triumph Street:

All the best to the Triumph Street Pipe Band of the 70's

Thanks for the reflections, The Captain

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