Friday, October 3, 2008

Boot Hill

I was walking the other day down the High Street near Glasgow Green and decided to take a leisurely stroll of discovery through Boot Hill, the local graveyard. In front of my eyes was the Pipe Band Grade 1 section - tombstone after tombstone... a virtual family history of the Grade 1 scene over my 50 years of hangin' around. On my left was the Guelph Pipe Band, interred next to the MacNish Distillery... further down the path was the Clan MacFarlane nestled in beside Bob Hardie's Muirheads and Sons - right in front of the City of Victoria and Hal Senyk's Triumph Street. There was the Red Hackle and DUT, Renfrew and the BCal Airways, Black Bottle and Invergordan Distillery with Toronto and District and the City of Toronto in the newly landscaped Ontario area... and a fresh tombstone yet, but a freshly painted sign...the Windsor Police. Sad reminders all of past greatness...and what's this on my right? ... a freshly dug hole ... must be a funeral coming by soon.... curiously, I exited back to the High Street and took a window seat in The Diggers, the local watering hole. Sure enough, it was not long before a drummer-less cortege meandered through the front gates and down to the open grave... The Clan Gregor Society! I said a wee prayer as my eyes welled with sadness...another has passed on.


and I sipped my first pint of the day.

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