Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Name that Piper

Strange the thoughts that go through your mind after an emotional event like the tribute to Scott MacAulay on Sunday last. So many friends gathered for a singular purpose - Mike Grey, Bob Worrall, Jim McGillivray, Ruth Sutherland, Rob Crabtree, Lynda Mackay, Jessica Dent, Rick Tersteeg were the performers - each adding a special musical tribute to the many remembrances of Scott. I read with interest the parallels drawn my Michael Grey in his blog (When Pipers Die) and this immediately caused me to recollect the one thing mentioned so often on Sunday - "I wish someone could do Name that Piper"...but that was a MacAulay/Dickie phenomenon that kept all of us in stitches some 20 years ago.... clever to say the least... their antics on stage or in a pub would bring tears of laughter to any of those caught in their satirical episodes. Well I remember them bringing the house down in Vancouver as their road show roared into the annual BC Pipers Indoors in the mid 80's. They immortalized the likes of Terry and Jack Lee, Hal Senyk, Jamie Troy and countless others. One could say that you had made your mark on the Canadian piping scene if MacAulay and Dickie "Named you!"... I remember, too, another form of the same that came from the pen of the late Joe Young, a cartoonist who published for the old North American Scotsman magazine. His pen was as mighty as any satirical sketch, for he too caught the ideosyncracies of those portrayed... Name that piper! Name that judge... no one escaped his wit.... fortunate we are, to have such lasting personalities around the piping scene...

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