Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple Music from Complex Musicians


Itzhak Perlman

and Yo Yo Mah

played for Barack Obama's inaugeration last week, they left a fabulous momento for all aspiring musicians. I was reminded how important it was when a friend's daughter, who happens to play the cello, was over the moon with the fact that they played "her" song. Well, her song just happened to be Simple Gifts, a tune played on many instruments including the pipes. I got to thinking - if the greatest musicians on the face of this planet dare to play the easiest of tunes and more importantly, put so much feeling and enthusiasm into their performance, in front of an audience of a billion, there has to be an obvious message there. Did lightning strike? This thunderbolt revelation is certainly appropriate for all musicians, not just the young and beginner. Music comes in simple forms... it is appreciated for what it is... the player who constantly has to bash through the heaviest of tune or most obscure melodic form just doesn't get it. Music is brain food... emotion seizing... I don't want to work hard for my music...

Thankyou Yo Yo and Itzhak.

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Martha said...

Thank you, Ken, for your eloquent insights! It's inspiring to think about!
Martha Davis

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