Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glad Mikey said it!

I am reading blogs much more while I am on the road teaching this summer. For one, it keeps me in touch with my own reality. Michael Grey touched a superb point on pipe bands and you-tube recordings - well worth the read at ... thanks Mike.... the critique aisles are full of those who slag the judges or the bands for what is perceived as a bad call or performance.... I received this from one of my closest friends after the World's qualifier last year. In his opinion, my result was totally out in left field. In hindsight, that is exactly where he sat with his new mp3 recorder - left field. I was perched in right field as my fellow adjudicators had control of the rest of the playing area. Needless to say, I missed some negative stuff over on the other side and had a band higher than I would have, if I had been placed with my compatriot. But, judging is a team sport and it was covered in the summary consensus. The band in question did not qualify for the final. Does that make me a bad judge? Does that say that from some vantage point the band didn't play well.... well, sideline adjudicators off you-tube and contest mp3 recordings, just sit back and reconsider ill-advised suggestions that can color and harm future endeavors... thanks Mike for giving me an opening!

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