Thursday, September 16, 2010

... The Instrument Can't Play Music!

You might be a little puzzled by the last two or three postings... but not me! For you see, I am reminded of something said by Victor Wooten in his book, The Music Lesson. "Music exists inside each one of us. An instrument offers different forms of expression and allows others to hear how musical you are, but you don't have to play a note to be musical. Music cannot be found in any instrument... an instrument laid on the ground makes no sound. It is the musician who must bring Music forth, or not." Music isn't created. It is there in each of us and there, just waiting to be discovered.

I make every attempt to truly listen to a performance, so whether the music is from the highland or lowland pipe, the guitar, the voice... whatever... it makes very little difference to me. The previous posts were some of my favourite pieces of music, each setting me adrift in a different world; each providing a mood for the listener. If I saw music as simply notes, I would be only observing a mechanical display of sounds, much like those of the rolls of the player piano of old. But such is not the case.

I am often reminded of what has become the norm in so many music classes - reading the notes with correct duration, but not really playing music. Music is a passion. It transcends obsession. It is a language and not an alphabet. Their are many voices and just because one plays a particular instrument, we shouldn't feel that it is only that instrument that plays that music. For sure, the instrument doesn't play music at all... it is you, the musician... and anyone can be musical whether they play an instrument or not! So enjoy your favourite music played by your favourite musician, regardless of what medium is used.

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